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God's dream, not mine

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God's dream, not mine

I often get asked why we opened Epiphany and if it was a dream I'd always had because of my love for pretty things. In a word, "No!". My reason for Epiphany came from a deep brokenness for the orphaned child brought about first by our adoption of our oldest daughter, Natalie, and furthered by trips that I took back to her birth country, Ukraine, to work with aging-out orphans. My husband, Paul, and I had been fundraising for most of our married lives, early on as missionaries, then founding and establishing Mercy Health Center, and finally supporting orphan care. I wanted to give more and help organizations that were making an impact for Christ in the lives of orphaned kids. I wanted them to know they have a Father in heaven....and my momma's heart wanted to hug and love on them all too! After working hard as a traditional fundraiser with little to show for it, a friend of mine said, "Dara, you love God, you love orphans, and you love clothes.....do something with that!". So here we are 3 1/2 years later with a beautiful boutique that allows me to be a successful full time volunteer fundraiser. I am humbled, deeply grateful to all our customer friends who've made this 'God dream' a possibility by purchasing with a purpose. God writes the most beautiful stories, doesn't He?


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