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he really does decide we are beautiful

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he really does decide we are beautiful

Vulnerable Post Alert! I've been thinking a lot about words and how they either give life or death. This is a photo of me circa 1977, 6th grade....ouch.

Even as I look into my own eyes in this photo I see the 'What do you think about me?' that plagues all middle schoolers (all women?) I was blessed to have parents who told me over and over that I was beautiful....okay, they just said I had beautiful legs for just FOREVER, but still I heard it....I was beautiful. Those words fought the words at school that said I was a dog (verbatim), they fought the snowballs thrown at me at the bus stop, they fought being pushed around by students, and the unkind words of an insecure science teacher. Speak words that give LIFE.....you never know who needs to hear them, who needs to have His truth spoken over them and poured into them. And thanks Mom and Dad.....I've grown into my 'beautiful' legs and stand strong because of life giving words spoken when I needed them the most. Epiphany Story One #He Decides I'm Beautiful


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