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more than almost enough

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  • By Dara Buczynsky
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more than almost enough

I ‘almost’ reached another goal. You know the ones we all set? Eating cleaner, regular exercise, daily time with Jesus. I was joking with one of our dear customers that ‘ALMOST’ would be written on my gravestone. I almost accomplished that goal, almost finished that project, almost followed through, almost made it to the finish line. But then in her quiet wisdom she said ‘Isn’t it good to know when Jesus sees ‘almost’ he reads ‘ENOUGH’. Wow! Since then I’ve set a new goal of setting my mind on the truth that HE is enough. I don’t add to it, He doesn’t need me to complete anything or accomplish great things because HE IS ENOUGH. Thank you Jesus for seeing my ‘almost’ and claiming me as yours and saying, ‘You are enough, daughter’


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