Epiphany Athens | Women's Boutique in Athens, GA

Welcome to Epiphany

Hello! I’m Dara, married to my doctor husband, Paul, for the past 24 years and mother to three of the greatest ‘almost adult’ kids on the planet, Natalie, Leah and Cole.

Our life, in general, has been a grand adventure, and that holds true for our ministry life as well. Missionaries to Ukraine for a year, establishing Mercy Health Center for the medically underserved in our hometown, Athens, Georgia, and orphan care in Ukraine are all a big part of our story.


Epiphany is the culmination of a dream to be able to give generously to what God used to both break my heart and bring my heart to life: orphaned kids.

Seeing our own adopted daughter, Natalie, flourish and become everything God planned for her, I have a passion for helping orphaned kids come to know the love of their heavenly Father and an earthly family and look forward to a future where their dreams are realized.


And because God is so….God, and so good (I really think He has the best sense of humor) He used the very thing that was a struggle for me as a young, newbie Christian woman: a love for pretty things.

Allowing myself to be fully alive in Christ and express His beauty the way he designed me to do so is something I want every woman to experience. Freedom in Christ defines beauty!

“You love Jesus, you love orphans, and you love clothes. Do something with that.” (thank you, Jackie Brown)

A dear friend challenged me to be creative in finding ways to support organizations I believe are doing the most good for His glory. Friends are great for encouraging us to be better versions of ourselves, aren’t they?


With no retail or business experience, but with a hope and lots of prayer, we opened as part of a small franchise in August of 2014. Now an independent entity, Epiphany is a platform for our customers to participate in generous giving to the cause of the poor, underserved, and vulnerable both in our community and around the world.

Every purchase benefits the local and global charities we are committed to partnering with, and we couldn’t be more grateful for YOU, our customer for helping make this dream a reality!