Epiphany Athens | Women's Boutique in Athens, GA

Our Aesthetic

Clothes don’t create beauty, but they can reflect it. Our style choices can also express our joy at being who God made us to be. At Epiphany we want to help your light shine in every way.


Come play in our closet

Let us help you find your personal best look — for everyday or for a special event .

Offering a limited number of each piece ensures your style will be your own.

How could we live without denim?

Many shapes, washes, colors, watched over by our beloved ‘57 International.


Yes, we love boots and shoes, too!

A carefully curated collection adorns a front wall.

Boho chic hits the Athens streets.

Outfit your inner artist at the corner of Washington and Pulaski.

At Epiphany you can choose a comfy Saturday morning outfit or the dress that will light up Saturday night.